This VDOET Terms of Service Agreement (the “Agreement” or “Terms of Service”) is formulated between VdoET (“VDOET”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) and you, our customer (“you” or “your”). This Agreement exercises control over your use of VDOET owned-and-operated websites, applications, and embeddable video players (collectively, the “Services”). Welcome to VdoET.

Service Provider: Elphill Technology LLC is now your service provider.


VdoET is a free video-hosting website that lets the user’s access, upload, view, store, and share videos. The VdoET Service comprises of the VdoET website and the VdoET video player that is further embeddable on any other website.

**If you wish to Share, Like, or Comment on the video or even access some other features, then you shall at first need to create a VdoET Profile and get your mail address authenticated. Then you become a “User”, after having agreed to and creating Your VdoET profile, and also after getting your email address validated as per the steps defined below, you shall be a “Viewer” and will not be able to access any VdoET Services.

**All the information provided by You to create Your VdoET Account must be correct and genuine. For VdoET to verify that the email address provided by You is valid, an email will be sent from VdoET to You, to further validate Your email address.

** After having created Your VdoET Profile, You hereby agree that You alone shall be responsible (to VdoET and others) for all the activities taking place under Your VdoET Account and all the tasks associated with it are Your sole responsibility, and it is You who shall be completely obliged to keep them confidential.

**Being a User, You may share and upload video files (that must abide with these Terms) available on the VdoET Service, and provide a nickname, and also an avatar that shall be linked with Your VdoET Account. Any kind of content posted by You on the VdoET Service shall be considered as “Your Content”. However, You or any other third party shall possess the ability to embed Your Content on any other website through the VdoET video player.

**It’s easy to upload your videos on our site and you will see it streaming live within minutes. However, the team may scrutiny the video later and mark it as “private” if it covers any of the following reasons

Your video is Sexually explicit (You do not have the permission to use any kind of Sexually explicit content on VdoET, and if you still go-ahead to do so and upload any such sexually explicit content on VdoET, then your content will be disapproved instantly by our video approval Al).

1.       Harmful or unlawful

2.       Indecent or Threatening

3.       Scandalous or Unpleasant

4.       Violates Copyright Law

5.       Spam

If even one of the above mentioned five things or any content that promotes abusing is found on your video, the video may not be approved, and you shall receive an email, and also a notification from our end stating the reason for disapproving.


Your Rights to Use the Service

This segment will elucidate your rights to use the Service and all the conditions that register to your use of the Service. The following part also explains how we make alterations to the Service. The Key updates are as follows:

Account: After you create a profile on our website with any email id, we extend the permission for comment, like, and share of your videos on our website. Following this, you can even create a Page for uploading video min VdoET.

Service Modifications:

 Your Content and Comportment:

This division stretches to users who offer Content to the Service. It states the scope of the permissions that you grant when you upload your Content and comprises of your agreement, where you are not allowed to upload anything that violates anyone else’s rights. The key updates are:

1.       Do not forge content or any video from other users.

2.       Do not use any filthy word in your video.

3.       Do not create any video that abuses any other person.

If at any point in time you intend to take down any of your videos or all the videos including your VdoET page, you are permitted to do so.



Types of work that come under Copyright:

a)       Works that include Audio Visual features such as online video from any other platforms, movies, or any other TV program.

b)      Sound Recording or Musical Composition: A composition is a piece of musical work that comes with or without lyrics, and which has been created by a songwriter composer. A sound recording is also mentioned as a “master”, is the recording of a performance of the underlying compositions that further comprises of beats, percussions, guitar, bass, vocals, etc.

c)       Any form of writing works like lectures, any book, articles, and also other musical compositions, etc.

d)      Visual attributes like paintings, posters, and advertisements.

e)      Video Games and Computer Software.

f)        A dramatic art form like plays and musicals

Any kind of idea, facts, and processes do not fall under copyright. As per copyright law, to be eligible for copyright protection, content must be creative, and it also must be fixed in a tangible medium. Titles and names are not by themselves, subject to copyright.

Things to Do:

Submit a copyright takedown notice

If you post your work/ video on VdoET without consent, you may have to submit a copyright infringement notification. You must make sure to take into account fair usage, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright applies before you finally submit. All these requests must be forwarded by the copyright owner or an agent who is authorized to act on the owner’s behalf.

The quickest and easiest way to submit a copyright takedown notice comes through our web form. For the best results, we recommend using a computer for the same.

All details like your email id, your good name, the video owner name provided by you, may be included in the mail and may also be handed to the uploader.

**Never make false claims. Any sort of misuse of the stated process may result in the adjournment of your account or may lead to other legal consequences.

Basics of Copyright and how to deal with it:

If you receive a copyright assertion on one of your videos then your video shall be taken down from VdoET. Once a copyright owner formally notifies us that your video hasn’t granted their permission to get posted on the site, we shall bring down your upload to ensure complete compliance with the copyright laws.

Ways to resolve a copyright strike:

There are two ways to settle down the Copyright Claim on your Video.

You can get in touch with the respective person who might have claimed your video and further ask them to withdraw their claim.

If somehow your video gets wrongly removed due to reasons like getting misidentified as infringing or any other reason, you may proceed to submit a counter-notification.

Things that occur when you receive a copyright strike

To err is human. Therefore when you get a copyright, it symbolizes a warning. However, if you receive 3 consequent copyright strikes, then the result will be as follows:

1.       Both your profile and page get subjected to the termination.

2.       All the content/ videos uploaded on your page will be removed.

3.       You shall be restrained from creating a new page on VdoET with the existing email id.